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Slug Sendoff Ceremony

This week, we said goodbye and thank you to our special friends, as we released them back into our playground to prepare for hibernation. In our class, we take party planning very seriously, as culminating activities at the end of an extended project are a great way to involve families and provide closure to a meaningful study. Please note the stylish slug hats in the photo below. We made them for the whole school to wear at our sendoff.

We decided to make our slugs a special salad as a goodbye treat. We gathered the favorite foods we discovered that our slugs really love during our study. Here you can see one of my students picking some fresh mint from the garden for them.

Next we put together our "slug salad" by peeling mandarin oranges, picking mint leaves, and mixing them together with our mushrooms.

We placed our slugs into the salad bowl to enjoy their treat, and left the bowl outside on playground.

Then we got to watch our slugs find their way home and say goodbye!

We finished off the day with a special treat of our own. "Dirt and slugs" cake. This was a really lovely unit that my students deeply enjoyed. These little creatures provided some meaningful learning experiences for us over the past month and it was so fun for my students to be able to celebrate together as we said goodbye.

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